Edifice 3D Modeler
Demo version available

Edifice 3D Modeler Demo is now available for download!

Edifice 3D Modeler is a simple and efficient 3D modeling solution for PC.

  • 3D modeling becomes easy: Create 3D models only by placing points in space.
  • Your first animation movies: Produce animated sequences with scenarization tools.
  • Interactive projects: Present interactive projects with animation triggers.
  • Quick Start: Start from the first few seconds with documented features.
  • 3D Models and Textures: Create textures with the drawing tools or generate them from 3D models.
  • Comprehensive texture mapping: Masterize texture application on faces from face or texture perspectives.
  • Modular projects: Conceive modular projects thanks to reloadable and replaceable components.
  • Animations at fingertip: Have a full control on all animations elements and transformations.
  • Knowledge center: Share your techniques and discover others with the construction sequence.
  • Compatible with the standarts: Import & Export your works to other solutions or tools.




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