Star trek
Designing Starships: Discovery

Featuring ships from the first season of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY!

The story of how the creative teams reimagined STAR TREK for the 21st Century with previously unseen production art and interviews with the show’s artists and designers.

Every ship for season 1! Showcasing ships such as the U.S.S. Shenzhou, the U.S.S. Discovery and the Klingon bird-of-prey, this book brings you all the Federation and Klingon ships as they appeared in the decade before Captain James T. Kirk’s five-year-mission, and is packed with original concept art from STAR TREK artists John Eaves, Sam Michlap, John ‘JD’ Dickenson and Goran Delic.

This latest volume in the Designing Starships series shows how artists and designers reinvented STAR TREK for a new era, taking the classics and reinventing them to build a whole new look for the Federation and the Klingons featured in the hit Star Trek: Discovery TV series. Explore the process behind the creation of the Starships featured in the hit Star Trek: Discovery TV series!


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