The Art & Design of FINAL FANTASY XV

This official artbook has been created together with key members of the FINAL FANTASY XV art team at Square-Enix, who gave detailed insight into their vision for the FINAL FANTASY XV universe.

Readers can expect a carefully curated collection of art, drawings and designs that tell the story of the Kingdom of Lucis, and show the love and dedication that went into creating the world of FINAL FANTASY XV.

The selected art ranges from pencil sketches to elaborate renders and digital paintings. These include never-before-seen artwork and screens made specifically for this art book.

What shows is the detail and craft that went into designing a world in which the designers wanted to merge realism and fantasy, and draw attention to the emotional bonds between characters.

The Art & Design of FINAL FANTASY XV spans 220 pages and is printed in full color on a beautiful silk paper.


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