With Edifice 3D, create 3D models for all your projects :

  • Illustration: concept arts, comics
  • Video games: game assets, level designs
  • Movies: virtual production, animation movies
  • 3D printing: replicas, props

Create 3D models easily with flexible tools :

  • Place points, lines, surfaces and volumes in the scene.
  • Use join, section and extrude tools to assemble and modify the shapes.
  • Place supports in the scene to create a customized framework.
  • Move the grid vertically to modelize on different levels.

Draw textures with vectorial drawing tools :

  • Use pens, brushes, shapes and texts.
  • Reshape and reorganize vectorial graphisms at will.
  • Use textures made by other applications.

Animate models and create animation sequences :

  • Draw paths in the scene to define model trajectories.
  • Build armatures to articulate models.
  • Place cameras to produce animation sequences.

Interact with models thanks to scripts :

  • Set conditons by selecting zones to click on or to go through.
  • Set actions by selecting animations to launch.
  • Start the simulation and interact with models.

Share models with other applications :

  • Export models to other drawing or modeling applications.
  • Use exported models in rendering solutions, game engines or 3D printers.
  • Convert to FBX, Collada, OBJ and STL file formats.