Start creating now

Edifice 3D is a 3D modeling software for PC:

With Edifice 3D, create 3D models for all your projects:

  • Illustration: graphisms, concept arts, plans, story-boards, comics
  • Video games: game assets, level designs
  • Movies: animations, animation movies
  • 3D printing: files to print

Guides at each step

Edifice 3D displays information to guide you all along the creation process.

  • The getting started guide presents main features and tutorials.
  • Contextual help details tools functioning.

Adaptative tools

Edifice 3D gives you tools to help you create your 3D models easily.

  • The grid can be moved horizontally or vertically to help you create models on different levels.
  • The supports help to create a custom building frame.
  • The tools lets to shape in the scene. Shapes can be merged, cut, extruded, bevel or rounded.

Textures and effects

With Edifice 3D, conceive textures and effects for your models.

  • Conceive vectorial textures and normal maps with drawing tools.
  • Generate textures and normal maps from models.

Animation movies

Edifice 3D gives you tools to animate and control each aspect of the animation

  • Armatures give articulations to models.
  • Paths define movements operated by the models.

Interactive models

Edifice 3D lets you make your models interactive:

  • Place triggers in the scene and connect them to animations.
  • Start the simulation and interact with your project.

Extented compatibility

Realise projects in cooperation with other solutions:

  • Import and export models to other drawing, modeling, or 3D printing softwares.
  • Edifice 3D is compatible with FBX, Collada, OBJ and STL formats.