Edifice 3D

Edifice 3D is a simple and efficient 3D modeling application:


Start from the first few seconds
Edifice 3D is aimed at begginers as well as artists.
The interface has been made to be clear and accessible:
– A large workspace lets you create models comfortably.
– A unique menu gives you a direct access to all features.


Create 3D models easily
The goal of Edifice 3D is to make modelization simple.
For this purpose, modelization process functions in two times:
– In Design mode, place forms in the space to create a support.
– In Production mode, place forms on the support to create a model.


Master the placement of materials
Edifice 3D facilitates the placement of materials on models.
The tools let you apply materials quickly with a flexible positioning:
– Select a material in the explorer and apply it on all desired faces.
– Position the material on the model or the model on the material.


Conceive modular projects
Edifice 3D has been made to create and update complex environments.
Thus, it is possible to load in a model other models as components:
– Place and replace components in you model thanks to the explorer.
– Reload a component, all it’s instances, or all the model components.


Export your works
Edifice 3D is compatible with industry standarts.
Import/export operations are made with mainly used formats:
– Import and export your works to other solutions in Collada (.dae).
– Export supports and models to game engines in FBX ASCII (.fbx).


Share your abilities
Edifice 3D lets to discover the 3D models creation technics.
Tools retrace the construction from the first to the last form added.
– Visualize the model creation step by step or in a sequence.
– Share these creation sequences with the capture tools.